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Do we have to install software?

NO not if you don’t want to. There are several ways you can capture attendance and the admin tool for your reports is accessed online.

Do we have to buy any hardware?

NO our low cost hardware offerings are completely optional. TickTA can be setup on your existing PC’s, tablets or phones.

Can I migrate from an existing system?

YES TickTA allows you to import a list of your people through the settings area. And our support team can import previous clocking data on request.

Do we get support?

YES of course. Email, call or instant chat. Support is included in the subscription price.

What if the reports aren’t quite right for my business?

We can make custom reports for you from a one-off report development fee of £99 (ex. TAX @ 20%) per report. Once created the report sits in your reports area and can be used repeatedly.

What if our internet goes down?

Any installed apps continue to work and save the attendance locally. When the Internet comes back up the software will sync and send that data to the cloud.

How safe is our information/data?

TickTA is written using the latest Microsoft technologies and has all the necessary security measures built in. Our servers also sit within a secure data-centre and are regularly backed up.

Are there any hidden costs?

Prices on the website exclude tax. Other than tax, there are no hidden surprises or additional maintenance fees.

What if we choose to move away from you?

Drop us an email or give us a call at any time to cancel your account. We require 7 days’ notice to process your request. If you contact us within 7 days of your next invoice due date you may be charged for the following month. If you require your data to be extracted from the system we are happy to oblige. A fee of £99 (excl VAT) may be requested to process your request depending on the volume of data you require. Please contact us for more information.

What if there is system down-time?

It’s possible for even the best system to experience a small amount of down-time. A common cause of downtime is phone line outages, which will affect multiple organisations. Should this happen your devices will store attendance locally and wait for the system to be reachable again. Our support team will also be notified through our automated alert system whatever the hour.

Can we use our existing clocking equipment?

Usually YES, but please contact us with the specific hardware information and we'll advise accordingly.

Can we integrate our own software with TickTA?

Usually YES. We have a API available which clients can use to integrate with TickTA, but please contact us with your specific requirements and we'll advise accordingly.

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